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[MOD] cygnus   Kruuze, you are the dude, the Emperor will know your name!
[D] IR0N_P4NTH3RJust as a reminder - Outfit Meeting tonight on our TeamSpeak @ 7pm EST (4pm PST) If you can make it that would be great!
[VET] Honeybuzzz   Did someone record the meeting
[M] CithHello everyone, the team speak server was reset to its May configurations due to trolls getting in and abusing a exploit in the system. Unfortunately, as a result of the reset, we have had to rebuild the channels from scratch and we are still working out the bugs, permissions, and tags. If you are having problems let us know and we will try and get you fixed as quick as we can. Thank you for your understanding.

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[M] Cith   I will be sitting in TS and PS2 for a few hours this evening if people wanna jump in and make sure they are able to join
[D] IR0N_P4NTH3RThe scheduled outfit raid will happen after the outfit meeting on Friday.
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[D] IR0N_P4NTH3R   Welcome Vader! It was a blast running with you!

From: Company Captain IR0N_P4NTH3R

All right you sorry lot, its time to get back into the swing of things! Its time to pull up our knickers and get back on track. I know things have been slow, especially the past couple months, but I am confident that we can get back to where we use to be.

Therefore, our outfit's raids are officially back on starting tonight @ 7pm EST, 4pm PST.

I will also be announcing an outfit wide meeting which will occur over TeamViewer very soon. If you are a company captain, I urge you at all possible to make it. With BlackTemplar on break right now dealing with real life, the duty to run this outfit in tiptop shape lies with us.

I look forward running with everyone again!


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[D] IR0N_P4NTH3R   I meant TeamSpeak ... not TeamViewer

Got confused as I am at work and use TeamViewer
[D] IR0N_P4NTH3RAlso want to do a quick shoutout to Cygnus for donating to the site, it is much appreciated!

Also to the gents that battled beside me last night, you lot are a fearful bunch!
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[D] IR0N_P4NTH3RHey everyone! I am finally back from my hiatus. I apologize for it being so long, so much stuff happened that needed my immediate attention. Wife health issues, parental health issues, everything. But everything seems to be on the up and up.

After spending most of last night reading over everything in the forums, I feel like it is my duty as one of the company captains to try to regain regularity. As such, starting next week we will start again with regular squads and make our way back up to platoons!

May our enemies tremble in fear as the Iron Templars engage in glorious battle!

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[M] Cith   Welcome back my lord!
[D] IR0N_P4NTH3R   There is only one lord brother, that is the mighty Emperor. Let us fight side by side for his glory!

But yes, it feels great to be back!
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[VET] HoneybuzzzSorry to leave so suddenly while I was leading a squad, but I have power failure at my house and neighbourhood
[M] iZackx3hello fellow templars, im want to apologize for my absences from PS2 this past week/months even bcuz my last time playing PS2 as my main faction[long live the NC} i was squaded up and was doing firefight alongside some real toxic NC players that really turned off my gaming mood,this continued on and on and on untill the point where these few players went around the entire game just to find me and annoy the fuck outa me that i couldn't handle it until i literally lost my patience. i thought that maybe for not playing for 3 days it would help me avoid these few lots and i was i was so damn wrong and i wish at that point i never even guessed that they would avoid me......dammit >.>.......came back into the game and played for the past 2-3 hours and was enjoying spreading liberty and destroying the TR+VS corp like a badass NC-Main that we are but..........they manage to find me somehow,idk what method they used or how they did it,they just flat-out found me,and it was at that moment,that i knew.......i'm real hard i did wat i did the 1st time i encountered them....i ran,i kept changing fights every 30 mins so they wouldn't know where i was or what i was doing.It bloody worked!!! but only for the past 2-3 hours,they found me no matter wat i did.......and like i said before,it was a huge gaming mood turnoff and i immediately quit the game and just went to watch some vids and made some food to chilloff........the next day i wanted to play PS2 again but i hesitated to log into my NC character bcuz of wat i had to deal with later on, and so right there i decided that i won't be playing NC and just play my TR and VS character for the past few days, honestly speaking everytime i played these 2 factions my heart ached cuz it felt like betraying my NC brothers cuz i was slaughtering them like meat-stocks waiting to be served to their enemies.......seriously it hurt a lot cuz after playing for countless hours my aim with the game was getting better as a NC player due to the high recoil our faction weapons normally have and when i switched over to the other 2 factions....aiming was like taking your first too easy and best of all the TR weapons provided enough firing rate that i would never lost to any gunfight as a medic nor a heavy,it was good,no. it was beyond good,it felt so damn satisfying going RAMBO that the enemies switched to their maxes and have a horde of'em coming through the door so they could stop this "RAMBO"-man that slaughtered their entire squad singlehandedly and could not be put down no matter what they was the BEST feeling ever being like also gave me the feeling of pain,it gave me the feeling of pain bcuz i was slaughtering my NC brothers and they couldn't do anything about felt so good but hurt so bad at the sametime......again and again the firefight continued and again and again they would lose not because of no squad formation but bcuz of a "traitor" on the enemy that had the expertise and experience of being a NC soldier for a damn long time.....they never stood a chance......Anyways i was suppose to be talking about why i never play PS2 anymore,sorry it drift to story telling instead -.-" haha my bad. i will probably be playing PS2 around this week or maybe next week not sure yet cuz i have a lot of college work and incoming test that i might be able to play, anyways this is your NC brother from the Iron Templars Outfit iZackx3 signing off. Iron Within,Iron Without my brothers.
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[M] darktrooper501Lol so I was watching youtube and found a familiar name :) The IRIT tag made me double take.
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[M] darktrooper501   Ignore my misspelling
[M] AnthonyParchman   atleast link the video
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