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The Iron Templars

[AP] xChillPenguinxIron Templars was the best outfit EVER. Black Templar was able to cultivate a culture of tactics + fun and friendly gameplay. I personally learned a lot more in this outfit that any other outfit I have ever been a part of (including 666 and 3AGL). I currently play with DEFx, and though their tactics are strong, the culture of what IRTR had is thoroughly missed. I have never been in an outfit more willing to except new members as their own, teach philosophy of Planetside, and lovingly joke around with one another all at the same time. What IRTR was something special and I will remember it forever. Iron Within, Iron Without!

I love you guys,

[M] darktrooper501Everyone send me a friend request. Darktrooper501 ingame, and I'll be continuing to platoon lead. I loved having you guys around. And if I get enough people who are without a outfit we can talk about resurrecting the 138th Shock Infantry again. I hope to see you all on the battlefield.

Iron WIthin, Iron Without
[MOD] cygnusMen, the trials and hardships, the victories and triumphs, the friendship and brother hood, they were what Iron Templars provided, and I hope they made as large a impact on your life, as leading all of you has had on mine, Thank you. I would love to play with all of you still, whether in Auraxis, or some other distant world in different games, so send me a message or your steam or anything else, because I would hate to see the bonds I have with all you slip and go away. Thank you again for you service and massive awesomeitude.

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[M] Cith[link]
Sarah McLachlan - In the arms of an angel
Spend all your time waiting for that second chance For the b...
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[M] AchillesHealer   [link]
[M] AchillesHealer   [link]
[M] CithBrothers and Sisters of IRTR, It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that Iron Templar's are coming to an end. Our leadership no longer has the time or energy to give you guys the game play experience that you expect or deserve. We encourage you to seek out other outfits such as LOTC or if you feel you are more experienced, DEFX to be your new home. Perhaps some of you may even start your own outfit. Regardless of where your path takes you, It has been a pleasure to play with you.

Iron Within,
Iron Without!
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[M] AchillesHealer   Iron within, iron without...always.
[M] AchillesHealer   Also, if you ever want to squad up with anybody, just shoot a message in-game, get into TeamSpeak, or get in contact another way. I will most certainly still be running around with some of you sexy assholes, for sure!
Keif24When are you coming back iron panther?
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[D] IR0N_P4NTH3RWell I am officially back in my home town of Toronto! Jesus, its even freezing here... oh well.

I am planning to get on this Sunday for some shenanigans so if any of y'all want to join in just hit me up!

[D] IR0N_P4NTH3RSeason greetings from the Yukon!


Im literally freezing things off my body... ANYWHOO ... I should be back next week... Everything seems to be on schedule and this is my 2nd last stop...

Hope to get into a nice warm warzone with you all soon!
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[MOD] cygnusMerry Auraximus boys and girls!
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[M] MaciiI know I haven't been a squad leader for you guys in ages cause ive been so busy with work and school but i just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays be safe out there and much love
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myheadtastessideways   registered to The Iron Templars
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[M] Zork9898Starting a casual squad if anyone wants to join.
[M] Whitecornsnake1Let's do an ops of sorts tonight guys!!! I know it's a bit of a late proposal but we need to get everyone together. Let's plan something for next week and try to get numbers for that too!!!
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[D] IR0N_P4NTH3RHey everyone, sorry ive been AFK... the Canadian gov't called the company I worked for and demanded an on site tech to install all their new ID systems... so I am currently flying around this massive fucking country installing these god forsaken printers so they can print a single card with their picture on it like a sadistic serial killer.

Anyways... I hope to be back home soon... got about 12 more locations to do!

Keep calm and carry on!

Iron Within, Iron Without
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[VET] HoneybuzzzLateley I am very busy guys, dealing with personal and work stuff. I hope to be online this friday or on sunday. I am still alive :p
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